About Amrado

Amrado offers thousands of high school lessons and past questions across distinct subject categories including English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies etc.

There are times when you may be tired of carrying your heavy textbooks around but wish to have all your study contents accessible wherever you go. And there are times where you may prefer to have all your learning materials on one platform to make learning more interesting, simple and convenient for you. 

With today’s technology, everything seems possible. In present times, technology has made things easier and more convenient for everyone. Now, students need not to walk along with their heavy textbooks and other learning materials daily since they now have the computerized version of all their text books and other learning materials on one platform. 

Amrado is a learning platform that provides e-learning services for high school students and prepares them for outstanding examination performance. 

Amrado is committed to providing an opportunity for Senior High School students to access thousands of comprehensive video lessons and teaching notes  covering all core subjects and selected electives.

We also offer a platform for learners to access WASSCE past questions across all subjects.

Amrado courses will help you attain maximum understanding on distinct topics by providing you with high quality and detailed contents developed by renowned experts in various fields. Accordingly, you can be confident that you will be set apart from the rest.

With the help of our intensive and comprehensive courses, you will gain valuable insights and incredible learning experiences on key topics, all under one roof. Our courses are specifically designed to give you a more extensive and thorough understanding of a subject area, by helping you master multiple concepts within a subject.